Hi, my name is Nick and for as long as I can remember I was always the creative seed in my immediate family.  Believe it or not, the Captain Underpants books are what I think to have been the source of my creative expression.  It may sound cheesy but I remember being inspired by the hilarious adventures of Harold, George, and Mr. Krupp.

I then began to create stories of my own; I used to bring a notebook with me everywhere I went to quickly capture any new ideas I had running through my brain.  When drawing, I would mainly sketch pictures of Spawn, Master Chief and Darth Vader; albeit very poor seven-year-old renditions of the characters.  Eventually I had enough notebooks consisting of original stories, comics, and drawings to fill the two storage boxes in my bedroom.

Fastforward a few years and you would find me starting to get into Legos.  If there was one unhealthy childhood obsession, it would be with the hundreds of Lego sets I owned (including the Death Star II).  I remember coming home from school everyday and engineering new designs and block combinations to create unique starships.  My parents even granted me a room all to myself and my Lego sets, unofficially coined the Lego Room.

A few more years later when I was in eight grade, I started to become interested in music production.  I was inspired by Basshunter to create my own techno music; I remember watching his melody tutorials on YouTube and trying to copy them in Fruity Loops.  As a kid who used to listen to bands such as The Beetles, Linkin Park, and Disturbed, my musical taste was expanding to electronic music.  I began producing techno which progressed to house and eventually leading to trap.  My sound was evolving and so was my creativity.  I currently produce mainly sampled hip-hop beats or original orchestral pieces.

Despite my ever-changing interests and hobbies, there is one common thread throughout my adolescence that I felt passionate about and that is film.

Before ever imagining hundreds of stories or building star fleets with Legos or arranging exciting melodies, I watched Star Wars.  That’s right, Star Wars was my first movie memory and it was not in theaters; it wasn’t even at home on a big TV either.  Rather it was on a small ceiling monitor in the family travel van.  Some of you may argue that I had been robbed of a proper first viewing of this innovative and ever-influencing film but I will say that is the complete opposite.  If a movie is good and exciting enough to evoke a sense of wonder and awe in a child, then it does not matter what size screen it is viewed on.  It could have been an iPhone screen or an IMAX screen, I still would have been just as invested in Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars has a special place in my heart as i’m sure is the case with many other people of many different generations and cultures.  Personally, it has definitely stoked the creative embers from within me and has inspired me to discover many more stories.  Some other films that influenced me while growing up were Saving Private Ryan, The Iron Giant, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, The Shining, and Terminator 2 – just to name a few.

I believe that there is a creative voice within all of us and I hope to use this blog to express mine.


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